Step 4: So What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Buying Your First Home

You’ve decided to purchase your first home, put your finances in order and figured out what type of home you want and can afford to buy.  Now what?  You need to figure out what you want in a home.  Make up a list of everything you would like in your new home and then a list of what you really need.  The lists might be quite different, but that’s okay, it’s just to help keep things in perspective.  Remember that your first home purchase is probably not going to be your ultimate dream home, just one huge step towards it.

Buying your first house - dream kitchen

Do you really want granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances? Or is it more important to have a large kitchen and upgrade the counters and appliances later?  Do you have to have a jacuzzi tub in the ensuite?  Is a large yard and mature trees really important  to you? How many bedrooms would you like and how many do you need?  Do you need schools close by?  Is a garage a must and if so, how big?

Buying your first house - dream ensuiteWhen you have your list made up of what you need and what you want, you’re ready to start looking.  When looking at homes, it is easy to be wowed by some features and end up ignoring the fact that what you really require is missing.  The kitchen might be spectacular, but if there are only 2 bedrooms and you really need 3, it’s not really going to work.  Buying a home can be an incredibly emotional experience and having a list will help keep you focused on what you really need and help prevent any buyer’s remorse.

Having a clear idea of what your starter dream home needs to look like will also help your real estate agent tailor your search in a way that you’ll be looking at the homes that will actually work for you.  With a bit of planning, you should be able to find a wonderful place to call home!

Buying your first home

Here’s some great links to help you make up your home shopping list:

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